Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blogger Template Designer...

...interesting enough to get me to actually post again!

Like millions of others, my blog has fallen victim to the seductive ease of tweeting or updating my Facebook status. A large part of the blame (credit?) goes to my iPhone, hich has largely replaced my laptop for casual computing purposes.

It's simultaneously easy to post short notes to Facebook/Twitter and difficult to type longer form blog entries on the iPhone.

Will the iPad re-orient my consumption and creation to longer form social media? I guess I'll find out when I get my greasy mitts on one.

In the meantime, the Blogger Template Designer is a quantum leap in being able to customize the look for those of us still using Blogger. I hammered the poor demo girl at SxSW with questions, few of which she was able to answer. However, together we determined that you could use your own imagery in the templates with a couple of "advanced" drilldowns- very similar to the old template methods but a little easier. That said, the canned templates and images are pretty decent, too.

We'll see if the romance lasts for a second post in 2010.